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STARTING IN 1959 the majority of Elgin outboards were sourced by Sears from Scott-McCulloch. (However a few West Bend made motors were offered after 1959. For information on West Bend made Elgins please visit the 1955-59 page. ) Sears would continue to purchase outboards from Scott even after the Elgin name was dropped in 1963. And the the low-profile 7.5hp and 9hp McCullochs would be offered right through 1968 or 9 when McCulloch stopped making outboards.


In the 1960's......

A fairly large number of badge engineered McCulloch motors sold by Sears, Western Auto and other department stores. Despite the private brand business, by 1964 it was clear that McCulloch's heart was not in the outboard business and each passing year brought a reduction in models and no engineering advancements - by 1970 their outboards were gone.

Nice 40hp Scott/Elgin spotted on eBay

Originally Scott Atwater was best known as a small outfit that produced novelty/promotional items (Like Cracker Jack prizes). During the depths of the Great Depression they were asked to build a simple, inexpensive outboard motor to be sold through Firestone Tire stores. These Champion outboards sold well and made a good name for themselves. After WWII Champion struck out on their own and Scott Atwater continued to produce outboards for Firestone and under their own Scott Atwater name. In 1957 Scott-Atwater was purchased by chain saw baron Robert McCulloch. This infused a lot of capital and fueled ideas and production for a few years.

West Bend and Sears had a long association dating back to West Bend's predecessor, the Kissel Company. (Kissel built the Sears Waterwich outboard motors in the 1930's.) But in 1958 Sears started offering Scott made Elgin outboards and by 1959 only the little 2hp West Bend was left.

So why did Sears change suppliers in 1959?

In the late 1950's Scott offered a broad lineup of products, from 3.6hp to 60hp as opposed to West Bend's 2 to only 40hp. The trend to higher horsepower outboards was clear by the mid 1950's so having a product like the big 3 cylinder Scotts would have been very attractive from a sales & marketing angle. We can also speculate that Sears went with Scott/McCulloch because of discounts and economy offered on the entire McCulloch product line. (Chain saws, weed whackers, generators etc.. also offered through Sears and made for them by McCulloch)

Here is a model listing put together from a Scott McCulloch service bulletin and an Abos Blue Book (The Abos book had completely different numbers!)

1959-1960 Elgin (by Scott-McCulloch) Model Numbers (Certain specially equipped models may be missing)

There is no definitive listing of Elgin model and serial numbers, below represents the best effort to date to catalog them. There are a lot of holes in the information below due to poor recording of special promotional models. If you can not find your exact number but the first few digits are on the chart, this will be the closest match available. Additionally, there are a few West Bend made Elgin motors that turn up from Canada - look for "Simpson-Sears" on your ID plate if you have a model not listed below.

Click here to find where to look for the model identification number

Model Abos # Year HP Type
S104A 574.6025 1959 25 Manual
S105A 574.6026 1959 25 Extended
S106A 574.6027 1959 25 Electric
S107A 574.6028 1959 25 Electric Extended
S108A 574.6040 1959 40 Manual
S109A 574.6041 1959 40 Extended
S110A 574.6042 1959 40 Electric
S111A 574.6043 1959 40 Electric Extended
S112A 574.6060 1959 60 Electric
S113A 574.6061 1959 60 Electric Extended
A6BB 574.60000 1960 3.6 Manual
A6KB   1960 6 Manual
A6EB 574.60070 1960 7.5 Manual
C6EB   1960 7.5 Manual
A6FB 574.60120 1960 12 Manual
A6GB 574.60290 1960 25 Manual
B6GB   1960 25 Extended
C6GB 574.60310 1960 25 Electric
D6GB   1960 25 Electric Extended
A6HB 574.60440 1960 40 Manual
B6HB   1960 40 Extended
C6HB 574.60460 1960 40 Electric
D6HB   1960 40 Electric Extended
C6JB 574.60620 1960 60 Electric
D6JB   1960 60 Electric Extended

Deciphering Post 1961 Model #'s (From McCulloch Service Bulletin 387 dated June 11, 1966)

Beginning in the 1961 model year, a change was made in the numbering system, to identify the various models by year of manufacture, brand name, horsepower, etc. For this purpose eight digit numbers were adopted.

Example: 63604532

Read this model number as follows:

63 = Year of Manufacture
6 = Brand Name

045= Horsepower (Approximate)

3 = Type
2 = Production Run

Brand names are coded:

3 - Scott
4 - Hiawatha
6 - Elgin (Sears)
7 - Wizard

Types are coded:

1 - Manual start
2 - Manual start, long shaft
3 - Electric start
4 - Electric start, long shaft
5 - Special Etc.

Production runs are coded:

0 - First production
1 - Second production (Changed in design after first production
2 - Third production Etc.

Example Model 63604532 may thus be read as a 1963 Elgin 45 Horsepower motor with an electric starter. It would be a third production run engine with design modifications that may not be interchangeable with Models 63604530 or 63604531.

1961-1963 Elgin (by Scott-McCulloch) Models: (Certain specially equipped models may be missing)

61600310   1961 3.6 Manual
61600610   1961 6 Manual
61600611   1961 6 Manual
61600710   1961 7.5 Manual
61600711   1961 7.5 Manual
61601210   1961 14.1 Manual
61602510   1961 27.7 Manual
61602530   1961 27.7 Electric
61604030   1961 43.7 Electric
61604040   1961 43.7 Electric Extended
61607030   1961 75.2 Electric
61607040   1961 75.2 Electric Extended

62600310   1962 3.6 Manual
62600610   1962 6 Manual
62600710   1962 7.5 Manual
62601410   1962 14.1 Manual
62602810   1962 27.7 Manual
62602830   1962 27.7 Electric
62604430   1962 43.7 Electric
62604440   1962 43.7 Electric Extended
62607530   1962 75.2 Electric
62607540   1962 75.2 Electric Extended
63600310   1963 3.6 Manual
63600710   1963 7.5 Weedless
63600711   1963 7.5 Weedless
63601410   1963 14 Manual
63602810   1963 25 Manual
63602830   1963 25 Electric
63504531   1963 45 Electric
63604541   1963 45 Electric Extended
63604530   1963 45 Electric
63604540   1963 45 Electric Extended
63607531   1963 75 Electric
63607541   1963 75 Electric Extended
63607530   1963 75 Electric
63607540   1963 75 Electric Extended

Sears continued to offer outboard motors made by McCulloch right up to the end of McCulloch's outboard manufacturing in 1968 or 69. Unfortunately Sears retired the Elgin brand name in 1963 after signing a long-term deal with baseball celebrity Ted Williams. (His name was used on many of the Sears outdoor recreational products.) The passing of the Elgin name from Sears catalog marked the end of one of the best known and loved outboard brands of the 1940's and 50's.

A version of the low-profile McCulloch sold through Sears from 1960 to 1968

About the Low Profile Elgin/Sears/McCulloch motors...

The the low-profile 7.5hp and 9hp Elgin/McCullochs turn up at a lot of swap meets, flea markets and yard sales. The goal of making a low-profile, compact, reasonably powerful and very light weight motor were definitely achieved by Scott/McCulloch. And, to improve on a major shortcoming of the Bail-a-Matic motors, they even moved the waterpump and bailer impellers down below the waterline. Keeping the waterpumps below the waterline helped improve their longevity over the previous model.

However, to do almost any service work on these motors the powerhead must be removed. First you need to take the recoil, magneto and throttle linkage off the motor to gain access to the powerhead fasteners - several are hidden from view no matter what you do. The waterpumps are mounted upside down on the spray plate and there is a fair amount of plumbing for the bailer and cooling systems with press-fit connections. All of these are possible places to leak and reduce cooling water flow. Poor quality fasteners can make much of the dis-assembly very difficult.

Depending on the year, there were two carbs used on these models: a Marvel Schebler and Tillotson. Each is unique in design and ethanol spells death to the complex gaskets and diaphragms inside - we're not aware of any modern replacement parts for them.

Almost all of these motors seem to have problems with the motor cover being cracked, broken or missing. This is because the cover is made from very flimsy plastic. Even when new, the cover, latches and hinge were not strong enough to support using the hand-hold to tilt the motor up! Add 50 years for the plastic to get brittle and you have one really fragile item. If you have one of these motors never, ever, use the hand-hold provided in the back of the cover to tilt or carry the motor.

Should someone attempt to restore one of these, it would be wise to have at least 2 donor motors for parts. A lot of PB Blaster (or like product), heat and patience is required to work on these motors.

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